How to Make a Great First Impression

How to Make a Great First Impression

Signage is just one factor in creating a hospitable environment at your church, but it can make a big difference.

Here's how to leverage your displays for maximum impact:

All of your signage should be attractive and easy-to-read. If you don’t have your own graphic designer, Displayit at Church offers Free Designs for Ministry that can be customized with your church name, logo, and two or three lines of custom text for no additional design fee. These free designs are available on all of our products and help you create quality displays. If you’re looking for something more custom than our Free Designs offer, our Design Team also offers complete creative services from scratch; from the idea to the finished design, for a reasonable rate. Contact for a quote on Creative Services.


Outdoor signage should be large enough to read when walking or driving by. Displayit at Church offers popular outdoor signs like the large 8-foot Roadside Banners, 46" Sidewalk Signs, Feather Flags, and more.

When creating your outdoor signage:

  • Choose the main point and condense it to five words or less. (For example: All Welcome. Sundays 9:30 & 11:00).
  • Invite the community by getting to the meat of the message. (For example: VBS July 5th – 9th. Register at Adding your website prompts a visitor to find out more about your church.
  • Consider using a different message on each side of the frame. (Get noticed both coming and going).
  • Help visitors negotiate the campus, designating parking areas and finding entrances to different ministry areas by using directional arrows.
  • Keep text to a minimum. (For example: Nursery Check-in or Handicapped Parking)
  • Promote upcoming events as reminders. (For example: Easter Egg Hunt next Saturday! Public is invited)


Indoor Signage can be as small as a sidewalk sign or as large as a 20-foot backdrop. Displayit at Church excels in creating the perfect signs for all of your indoor needs. Whether you're using stand-up banners, backdrops, or table covers, we've got your hallways and lobbies covered!

Keep these tips in mind when designing your indoor signage:

  • Select a size sign that fits the area.
  • Put all pertinent information above head level on banners, especially in areas where people tend to gather.
  • Draw people in with text such as WELCOME TABLE or INFORMATION.
  • Use neutral colors that can work in many ministry areas for multi-use.

On a tight budget? If your signage or display doesn’t require customization, our Ready-to-Print (Generic and Pre-Designed) collections are an economical solution. Priced at 20% (or more) below customized graphics on the same products, Ready-to-Print graphics are pre-designed by our team of graphic gurus who have chosen the most popular backgrounds and most requested wording to create styles in colors and formats that enable any size church to find the products they need at lower-than-customized pricing. Options include En Español, Hospitality, Kid’s Ministry, Seasonal and Staging.

Ready to start building a welcoming environment in your ministry? We're ready to help!